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Identifying the Most Valuable Technology for Your Business

Identifying the Most Valuable Technology for Your Business

We talk a lot about different types of technology, securing your technology and your accounts, and a lot of other technology-related issues on this blog, but because of the generalities of whatever technology (or strategy) we’ve chosen to write about that day, we never confront the thing that is most important to a business: How does any technology fit into what we do here? What value do we get from any type of technology? Today, we thought we’d talk a little bit about what you need to do to find the right technology for your business and how to come up with those decisions. 

Is Technology the Answer?

If we are asked by a new business to come up with a technology plan for their company, it may take a little bit of time but ultimately we could put together a comprehensive plan of technology and strategies to get that technology to work best for your organization. Similarly, if an established business came to us to get an assessment of what technology changes they would need to make to get the innovations built into new tools, we could tell them after some monitoring and an audit. 

The problem, however, is when a business comes to us with a plan of attack, investments made in technology, and operational problems abound. This is problematic because a business has already made the decisions they would need consulting on, and regardless of what we find and what tweaks to their operational and management procedures we suggest, they will need time to be able to implement them on the scale they would require, which typically would be some time away. 

The technology consultation process starts with questions; lots of questions.

You see, we can take a look at your infrastructure, your cache of software, your practices, policies, and procedures, and your budget; but we can’t know what your goals are unless you tell us. All that information goes into our opinion. You see, we may be the best IT consultants in British Columbia, but we’re only as good as the information we have. 

Where we excel, and are a huge benefit for your business, is in the design, procurement, implementation, deployment, monitoring, and support of business technology. This brings us to the main benefit of hiring a managed IT services firm to assess and revamp your business’ technology: We have decades of in-house experience with the purchasing, setup, management, governance, and maintenance of the technology that businesses depend on to succeed. 

The truth is, our consultants and technicians can provide your decision makers with a comprehensive plan forward for your business technology; and, it may involve technologies you’ve never even considered. 

This is why you should give us a call at (604) 513-9428. We will work with you to find the technology that can help you generate the most revenue for management costs. If your plan is to turn a profit, technology can sure make a huge difference.

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